“Your computer is more annoying than Sydney public transportation!”


23 mars 2013 par Cassandwe

DSCF3203Which is absolutely impossible, given how troublesome Sydney public transportation is. “C’est comme dire : t’es une femme et t’as pas de cheveux, nan mais allo quoi ? Allo? Vous m’recevez? »

 Because Sydney public transportation is actually tricky, vicious.

 At first, it just looks like a regular system of public transportation in a developed country – I am not talking about developing countries like Chile here – and sometimes it is even better. For instance the trains are provided with this very smart and, let’s be honest, very playful feature: you can switch the back of the seats to face the road at anytime!

But as soon as you go a little further in your analysis, as soon as you practice the Sydney public transportation vibe a little more, you find out that nothing is as pretty as pretended. I should have spotted the clues!

“One of the main reasons we bought this house and not another one is because there is a bus stop right in front of it”. First one.

“Sometimes the bus just doesn’t show up”, and it doesn’t care if you are in the middle of nowhere on a Sunday night, trying to get back home, and that you are probably an hour and 30 minute –  walk away from your place.

Naah, I swear, it just doesn’t care about it.

And it doesn’t really worry about the fact that you have to pay 20 dollars for a cab or hitchhike and meet an old weird Australian painter-writer-pervert on the way.

“How come it takes me more than twice the time to go by bus from my place to the nearest train station than to go to North Sydney?”Just no explanations guys, that’s how it is (“Sydney public transportation, made to increase Australian pollution! Just buy a car or take a cab”).

 Nevertheless, I should be fairer and precise something.

 I started to be slightly bothered by Sydney public transportation when I came back from my five week – backpacker trip to Southeast Asia. There, I spent a significant amount of time in buses. Once I travelled from Chiang Mai (Northern Thailand) to Phuket (Southern Thailand) via Bangkok (Middlern Thailand). It took me twenty-seven hours. No more, no less.

Actually, the experience included other elements.

Yes, in order to ensure that you are in an actual Asian bus, you have to check the presence of the following components (otherwise your experience will not be genuine):

1)       One crazy driver…

2)     …broadcasting all trip long some traditional Asians karaoke songs…

3)     … with the volume up enough to make you go INSANE;

4)     An eternal bus trip (long and indefinite);

5)     Some smelly Asian food somewhere in the bus.

After those unrivalled experiences, I thought I would be delighted to come back to Sydney and enjoy its “extremely efficient public transportation system”. But no, I started to track every single of its shortages. I am now trying to stop making a fuss out of it, and to concentrate on more important things: you have no idea how slow and mischievous my computer can be sometimes!

2 réflexions sur ““Your computer is more annoying than Sydney public transportation!”

  1. Le chillien dit :

    At least one can say bad words to the goddamn computer when it doesn’t work (not that I’ve done it)

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